Introducing Blackbaud Guided Fundraising

January 28, 2019 Lolly Ihrke

Hyper-personalized, hyper-targeted communication revolutionized consumer advertising—why shouldn’t higher education advancement offices have the same types of capabilities tailor-made to advance their missions?  

Introducing Blackbaud Guided Fundraising. 

We’re introducing Blackbaud Guided Fundraising to help fundraisers catch up with the modern donor. This solution provides the tools, automation, and project management capabilities that annual giving teams need to execute a multichannel, person-to-person fundraising strategy. Using Blackbaud Guided Fundraising fundraisers approach donors at the moment when they’re most likely to give, and provide them with a personalized communication experience designed to enhance their relationship with the institution.  

How does it work?  

This solution takes familiar players: phone, email, text, and direct mail, and harnesses them to work together in an integrated system. Automation and a proprietary algorithm help teams deliver their message to the right prospects at the right moment.  

Who is it for?  

Staff, student fundraisers, or volunteers each have a role within Blackbaud Guided Fundraising to execute cohesive multi-touch experiences for each donor.  

Why would higher education institutions benefit from this technology? 

Blackbaud Guided Fundraising was born because the way we communicate has changed. It’s a solution designed to reorganize fundraising program management for the better. Andy Reeher, Blackbaud’s Vice President & Head of Data Intelligence explains: “Over the past decade, changes in donor preference and the expansion of giving channels have made annual giving unbearably complex. Blackbaud Guided Fundraising supplies fundraisers with the power of channel integration and predictive algorithms—helping them scale up a personalized experience for all donors. This technology is designed to simplify the annual giving process and make it possible to run resilient, strategy-driven programs.”  

A bright future for annual giving.    

“Nothing is more important to donors than knowing their donations make a difference - that their voice is heard and that it is meaningful.” Explains Tim Hill, President & General Manager of Higher Education at Blackbaud. “As part of this, donors expect a personalized communication experience—without that spark, most solicitations are tossed aside. We’re excited to offer our higher ed partners a solution which will make it easier to reach donors the way they want to be reached. We’re excited to see what happens when person-to-person fundraising is practiced at scale.”  

Key outcomes of Blackbaud Guided Fundraising include enhancing the strengths of your existing annual giving program and positioning it to reach new donors to meet larger goals. Learn more: what results can you expect with Blackbaud Guided Fundraising?  

Blackbaud Guided FundraisingTM: Made possible by Blackbaud's acquisition of Reeher in May 2018, Blackbaud Guided Fundraising provides the tools, automation, and project management capabilities that annual giving teams need to scale a multi-channel, person-to-person fundraising strategy. Blackbaud Guided Fundraising will enable education institutions to better leverage student fundraisers through coordinated phone, email, SMS, direct mail, and online payments, allowing students to engage with donors directly with personalized messaging across multi-channel communications streams, while ensuring effective engagement through algorithm-driven predictive segmentation and real-time donation processing. 

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