Embracing Change with the help of Raiser's Edge NXT

June 20, 2018 Alison Madrigal

Columbus State University (CSU) provides a creative, deeply personal and relevant college experience. Serving the Southeast while attracting students from around the world, CSU thrives on community partnerships to deliver excellence for students who want to achieve personal and professional success in an increasingly global environment.

Just 100 miles southwest of Atlanta, CSU is part of the University System of Georgia, enrolling almost 8,500 students in a wide variety of degree programs, from online degrees to a doctorate in education.

CSU migrated to the Raiser’s Edge NXT in January after self-hosting Raiser’s Edge 7 for the last 23 years.  “From the moment we migrated and went live with Raiser’s Edge NXT, we were good to go,“ said Cindy Hicks, Database Administrator Manager, during the webinar: How Columbus State Uses Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT.  Below are some of the key takeaways that Cindy described about CSU’s experience with Raiser’s Edge NXT.

  • Seamless conversion.  Blackbaud managed the migration in a way that was swift and straightforward for CSU, partnering with Cindy and her team every step of the way with frequent communication and creating an implementation plan specific to CSU’s needs.  A lot of the doubt was put to rest after Cindy participated in bbcon, the technology conference of the year.  It was there where she spoke to several customers who had recently made the transition and reassured her that CSU’s decision on migrating to Raiser’s Edge NXT was the right choice.

  • Rapid deployment of new capabilities.  Blackbaud’s continuous improvement and deployment of new features was a benefit that Cindy and her team discussed frequently.  They enjoy seeing the popup messages that alert them of new updates that have rolled out to the solution.  With many updates driven through customer suggestions, CSU has leveraged the Blackbaud community to suggest several ideas to Blackbaud that have been implemented in releases. 

  • Intuitive, user-friendly experience for fundraisers.  “Our fundraisers absolutely love it,” said Cindy. “And even on the advancement services side, we're loving it as well.”  The fundraisers and advancement officers are working together to share information about the program and how to make things better for the fundraisers, especially when they are on the road.  The staff is comfortable in the new environment without having to complete any rigorous training.

Cindy’s closing advice: Don’t be afraid of change! Yes, it’s something new and different, but it’s worth it. The intuitiveness of the new environment and the new-found efficiency your team will experience is a game changer!

For the complete interview with Cindy, we invite you to watch the recorded webinar.

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